That One Time In Jail With Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

December 14, 2016

On today's episode I talk with Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes about strength training, dance, art, writing and one event that changed the course of his life forever.


The Gift of The Human Body With Kate Galliett

October 25, 2016
On today's episode I talk with Kate Galliett of Fit For Real Life and we dive into:

- The sneakiness of chronic low level stress and how it's pimp slapping your body.

- The very good reason why your body moves how it does (this answer will surprise you).

- The language of movement and how to communicate with your meat vehicle better.

- The myths of foam rolling and challenging the "if it hurts, it must be good" soft tissue principle.

- Lessons learned from rock climbing and more!

Play, Movement and the Wild Human Body With Hunter Cook

August 18, 2016

On today's episode I talk with Hunter Cook about the importance of play in life and exercise plus just how deep the movement rabbit hole goes and how you can great care of your body so it takes care of you.


Making Fitness Great Again with James Fell

August 1, 2016

On today's episode I have James Fell of Body For Wife. James is an internationally syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune, head fitness writer for, a columnist for Men's Health and has also written for TIME Magazine and NPR on top of interviewing celebrities for the Los Angeles Times.

We talk about the dark side of The Biggest Loser T.V. show, the myth of the elusive Alpha Male, difference metrics of fitness success, how to get faster results, cardio + idea generation, the benefits of talking to really smart people, and some of the best life advice I've ever heard.


Helping Dudes Get Jacked With Bryan Krahn

July 3, 2016

In today's episode, I talk with Bryan Krahn about the spiritual side of getting sexy, finding the correct context to apply to your physique goals, and all the different variables you can apply to get the best out of your body.


Striving For Excellence with Ted Ryce

June 26, 2016

Today I talk with Ted Ryce of Legendary Life about challenging yourself to reach new levels, recovering from loss, The Hero's Journey and how to combat falling behind in your own life.

Peep it!


Conquering fear, skydiving and living a dope life with David Dellanave

May 12, 2016

Today I chop it up with David Dellanave about skydiving, how to tackle fear, masculinity and a hodgepodge of other fun topics. 


The Grand Unicorn Experiment with Mark Fisher

April 29, 2016

On today's episode, I talk with Mark Fisher from Mark Fisher Fitness about leadership, self-care and and much more.

There were some audio mishaps during this episode, so I'm throwing out the raw, unedited version - enjoy!


Bringing the Dark Arts of Influence into the Light with Shari Alexander

April 14, 2016
In this episode I talk with persuasiveness coach Shari Alexander on exactly what influence is and how to use it to help you (and others) get more of what you want out of life.

From Good to Great with Jessi Kneeland

August 26, 2015

In this episode, I talk with Jessi Kneeland from Remodel Fitness. Get up on it!